Artellers is a contemporary Egyptian design house founded in mid-2015 and creates residential, commercial, and administrative interior design solutions. We define ourselves as a visual story-teller.

Artellers creates functional, efficient, healthy, safe and comfortable home environments that fit the way you live and reflect your personal style and taste.
As competition creates infinite choices, Artellers connects brands emotionally with customers, make them irreplaceable, and creates lifelong relationships through commercial & retail interior spaces.
As workspaces need to meet the many needs of the people doing different work, Artellers provides a platform for increased productivity and effectiveness through collaborative office designs.


Mohanad Bilal

 MFA, Co-Founder & Chief Designer

Mohanad Bilal


Hossam Abo Zeid

Artellers team is a dedicated team of professional designers. Our team is goal-oriented, we share the same vision and devotion to reflect the identity of every project.


Artellers designed a 4-step guide to help you get the most out of your project. Each step has been carefully calculated to ensure you can turn that intended space into a reality.

Meet & Agree

Take the first step towards designing your space! Appoint a meeting and tell us about your project and specific requirements. We’ll discuss the project aspects including timeframe & budget, then we will explain the remaining steps.

Measure & Analyze

Now we’re ready to start! A site survey is scheduled to measure your space. The collected information is then summarized into a project brief & a mood board is created as well as a furniture layout.

Design & create

You’re nearly there! Artellers now create a storybook tailored for your space. This storybook includes all the information & drawings needed for the project to get executed during the building phase.

Build & install

The final step! At this step our team starts monitoring the contractor in site to build & install according to the quality standards on the specified timeframe & budget.


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My special thanks to you and your team for the wonderful job you did..couldn’t ask for more classiness in a residential interior. Me and my husband were delighted with the presentation and especially appreciated your suggested modifications..The extra time and effort you put in were certainly worthwhile. It is a joy for us to work with such dedicated and talented designers. Proficiency you are leading talented team and minds full of creativity..Keep up the good work as it will let you reach the great heights you have set for yourself.

A company that builds and builds real estate trusts and funds in the hands of young decorators and ask them to design the entrance to the latest projects and knowing that they were not designed such a kind before this is a very big risk ... But after the design has been completed .. This risk Is the most important and most powerful characteristic of this project and helped to raise the levels of sale by a very large and became the concern and the talk of all customers and residents of the project ...... was treated very respectable and very fruitful and added to me personally information in the art of decoration I had not heard before. Thank you Artellers for this excellent project and we await you in the near future within the To resonate in this area
.................................. Mohamed Osama Project Manager Tiba Co. for Construction, Construction and Real Estate Investment

Great theme with a lots of customization possible. Customer service is fast, nice, and very competent. Thank you for this great product.