13 Jun 2019

Choose the Right Paint Color for Your Home

We all love colors! But have you ever thought if colors can affect your mood, your behavior or even your emotions? The answer is YES, Studies show that colors have a powerful impact on our mental, psychological, and physical state. So before you go for a home makeover, you need to know how to pick the right colors for your home. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you choose the right paint colors to fit your space and reflect your taste.

First of all, DO NOT pick your paint colors unless you chose or at least settled on your direction with your furniture, fabrics and flooring selection in order to have a complete picture for your space and to avoid any odd selections that you won’t like and will cost you more time, money and effort to redo.

Just ask yourself “What’s my inspiration?” This is one of the most important questions that you will have to ask yourself either you’re an interior designer or you’re just an amateur who’s looking for the best outcome for your dream home. This inspiration could be anything you want, a movie scene you can’t forget about, a place you traveled to before and you just fell in love with its artistic style, or it might be your favorite to go paper cup of coffee. Once you know what inspires you, you’ll have a clear direction for your thoughts & imagination.

You can follow the color theories studies to get the color scheme you’re looking for. The easiest tool to start with is the color wheel; it will show you the primary, complementary colors, and a lot more color combinations that will guide you as well. You can always ask an expert or your interior designer who will help you use this color pallet.

Always go for neutral colors. And I don’t mean by that avoiding any bold or shout colors, but according to your art direction and design decide your “focal point”, that means if you’re selecting furniture with pop out colors then go for neutral walls, and if you’re choosing bold walls then go for neutral and calm colors for the furniture to avoid a noisy overall look. Use the 60:30:10 rule and limit your pallet selection to three colors to find balance between them, so that your dominant color is 60% and the upholstery colors is 30% and 10% for all accessories. Always test your paint colors first on a small scale before painting the whole space to make sure you selected the most fitting tones for your space and to give yourself a chance to see it in different light scenarios. This way you’ll boost your self-confidence.