Why Artellers Design House?

We’re a Visual Story-teller. We can translate words into actual living spaces. Artellers can help you reflect the visual story of your space and enhance the quality of living in this space.

Designing with Artellers is an investment. Our designs increase the value of your space in the market for possible future sales. We save our clients’ expenses, time, and effort trying to identify reliable vendors, resources, and contractors. Artellers also facilitates the relation between you, the client, and the project contractor. We help you plan things you may overlook and make sure that your design is perfectly executed to avoid costly mistakes.

What kind of spaces do you design?

Residential Spaces
Commercial Spaces
Office Spaces

How does Artellers work?

Artellers designed a 4-step guide to help you get the most out of your project through the most convenient process. Each step has been carefully calculated to ensure you can turn that intended space into a reality.

Step 1: Meet & Agree

Take the first step towards designing your space! Appoint a meeting and tell us about your project and specific requirements. We’ll discuss the project aspects including timeframe & budget, then we will explain the remaining steps.

Step 2: Measure & Analyze

Now we’re ready to start! A site survey is scheduled to measure your space. The collected information are then analyzed & a mood board is created as well as a furniture layout.

Step 3: Design & Create

You’re nearly there! Artellers now create a storybook tailored for your specific requirements. This storybook includes all the information & drawings needed for the project to get executed during the building phase.

Step 4: Build & Install

The final step! At this step our team starts monitoring the contractor in site to build & install according to the quality standards on the specified timeframe & budget.

How will you show me the final design and what exactly will I get?

You’ll receive your interior design package, Storybook, via email. After any amendments and approval, you will receive a soft copy of your Storybook.

What does the interior design package, storybook, consist of?

The storybook consists of the design philosophy, mood board, architectural drawings, perspectives, furniture, fixtures & equipment.

How long does it take to receive my interior design package?

Once submitting your first payment, the design process will take from a week to three months depending on the project type and scale. Our design team will specify a due date to submit the design package and usually the design will be completed and sent before the specified date.

Is the design going to be exclusive to me?

Your space will be designed exclusively according to your specified requirements. As we tailor the space to suit your personality, we never design the same interior twice for different spaces.

What happens if I don’t like my design?

Our objective is to meet you satisfaction. This is why we listen to your specific requirements at the beginning of our 4-step process guide and create a mood board presentation to make sure that our design inspiration meets your expectations. If you are not satisfied, the first thing we will do is to modify the current mood board to better meet your expectations based on your explanation and concerns before starting the design process as we highly appreciate your time. This step ensures the perfect alignment between Artellers and their clients to prevent any undesirable designs in the future. Artellers wants you to be completely pleased with the design we have created for you.